Host uptime

Where we get uptime?

Uptime/downtime data collected locally by SiaHub wallet(siad).

How does it work?

Uptime data started from first time our wallet seen your host. Usually after your first announce.
Collected uptime not visible until wallet done at least few scans.
Default siad scans number is 12.
SiaHub wallet uses 3 scans to get faster result.

To get this number of scans for each host need about 1-2 days with our current settings.
Default scan speed can't handle current hosts number.
So we have custom scan settings here too.

SiaHub wallet processing 1000 online and 1000 offline hosts every ~4 hours.
While default is 200 online/offline every ~6 hours.

Why uptime/downtime incorrect/different?

Why different/incorrect

Also we see some hosts with downtime while hosts are 100% online.
This is sia wallet bug, unfortunately we cant detect and fix it.
So current downtime can be incorrect.