Host isn't listed or outdated info

I dont see my host, what I can do?

If your host is new, firstly you need wait 5-10 minutes after announce to make sure that SiaHub wallet got your host info and updated cached results on site.

If host still not in list it probably not accessible by SiaHub wallet.
Check that you have configured port forwarding/firewall correctly.
You can use some online checkers for open port.
For example:
Default siad ports:
9980 - API port
9981 - Gateway port, used to connect with other users(peers)
9982 - Host port, used to accept host related calls(form contract, scan host etc..)

Host information outdated

We use increased limits in wallet to get actual information.
But generally host must be updated at least few times per day.
More about delays you can read in Host uptime article.
Also you cant re-announce host to force update(5-10 minutes).